CONFIDENTIALITY  Our communications will become part of the clinical record that is accessible to you on request. Information disclosed in counseling is confidential, except with some exceptions including: * your authorization in writing to release your records * a court

of law subpoenas your records or the counselor's testimony * there is reasonable concern that harm may come to your child or others, such as suicide, homicide, child neglect, or physical/emotional/sexual abuse * if court ordered to therapy, information you share may be disclosed to the court or an officer of the court * certain client information maybe given, as required, to any entity responsible for the payment or collection of client fees * information about your case that may be shared within the professional supervision process.


Given the necessary information and support, children and families have the ability to manage their

conflicts and challenges. You can help your children become more aware of their strengths and choices,

more of accepting themselves and others, and more capable of finding happiness in their lives.
Some children need only a few sessions, while others may require months or even years of therapy to achieve their goals. 
The length of time children and families spend in therapy is strictly individual, and is impacted by many influences including past experiences as well as current outside support.   

Please feel free at any time to bring up changes you would like to see in how your child's counseling proceeds. Your input and participation is an essential part of the therapy process. As progress is made, you and your children will feel more able to face life's challenges on your own, with the knowledge that future counseling support is available if desired.

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